A minimalist lifestyle: What’s Stopping You?

Every article will have a ‘Minimalist Version’ and an ‘Unedited Version’ for your convenience

The Minimalist Version:

You’ve read, watched and slightly participated, but failed simplifying.  Time for a Minimalist Coach.  Coaches help conquer fear.  Minimalist Coaches pay for themselves.  Rita Gardner @ Thriving on Simple is a Minimalist Coach.  This is the kick in the pants you’ve been waiting for.  Being willing, open-minded and  honest will practically guarantee results.  There’s nothing to lose, but chaos.


The Unedited Version:


You’ve watched all those shows about tiny houses and living a lifestyle void of chaos and business;  downloaded all those “worksheets” on decluttering; read all the books on how to “tidy up” your home;  and even engaged in challenges with your friends to throw out 100 items.  Yet here it is a year later and you still living in a tornado.

WHEN will you say enough is enough?

Here is the best part.  You don’t have to WAIT for the moment.  YOU get to pick the moment.   YOU get to decide today that enough is enough and you will get the help you need.  No, not reading a book, taking a class or watching a video.  There are plenty of them and although they are great motivators and inspirations, they are not getting the job done!

It is time to hire a Minimalist Coach!  It is time to get past the reasons you haven’t done it so far.

1  Fear.

You have fear.  Fear of exposing your charade.  Fear of ridicule.  Fear of failure.

Conquering fear is definitely easier when you hire a coach.  All you need is willingness, honesty and an open mind.

2  Expense.

Minimalist Coaches pay for themselves.  Your monthly expenses will be reduced immediately.  By instilling new habits and removing barriers, most of your emergency, convenience and “what-if” purchases will be reduced or eliminated.

Another “payback” is in the form of tax write-offs.  By incorporating donations into your paring down process, you may find yourself sitting on some pretty hefty write-offs to use in your tax return.

3  Unknown

You don’t know of any Minimalist Coaches.  Well, if you are reading this, you now know of a Minimalist Coach.

Thriving on Simple is not just about decluttering your home or talking on the phone for encouragement and direction.  This is hands-on.  Imagine someone physically by your side, understanding,  inspiring, conquering, strategizing and getting results.  You deserve to live a life on your terms and not that of society or your demanding family.  Having a coach there with you will get you to a place in your life you may never have gotten to on your own.  Rita Gardner of Thriving on Simple is the “Kick in the Pants” you’ve been waiting for.

For more information, please visit http://thrivingonsimple.com.