First step to L.O.S.E.

Recognize all the tools you have to work with

Do you have a job?

Do you have a home?

How about good health, physical strength, home, washer and dryer, car, jewelry, looks, low rent, bikes, big yard, garden or even several bedrooms?

Taking stock of what you DO have will give you a place to start brainstorming on how to maximize or positives.

Let me explain.

Lindsey has a job, small apartment.  All good.  However, her job requires her to work two evenings a week, which is an issue because she has two small children.  Her budget is tighter than tight, and there is Zero left for a babysitter or evening care.

While strategizing with her, I found out she has a great washer and dryer.  PERFECT.  She was able to barter with a lady who will watch her children in exchange for doing laundry.  No more laundromats for the babysitter (which can be quite expensive) and all Lindsey has to worry about is a bit higher electric and gas bill.  It’s a win-win.

Bartering with what you do have will go a long way with making up for your shortfalls.

Praise God we all have different strengths.