5 Must-haves for my minimal home

1.   Wall Chalkboard

HANDS DOWN!  Not only does it make my shopping list, reminders and note taking a piece of cake, but it also saves me money and time.

  • I will write birthday wishes and holiday messages on the board up high and plop my kids in front and with one click of the camera on my phone, I’ve got Birthday wishes, invitations and Christmas tidings all set and ready to go.  It is quick and free!
  • When I am on the phone and I’ve got to write down that 14-digit confirmation number…
  • As I am running out the door, I can just snap a picture and voila, I’ve got my shopping list with me.
  • My kids love drawing on it.
  • Studying and explaining math, spelling, handwriting and geometry is so easy with the big board, and the kids are SO into the board, like bugs to a light.
  • Stocking stuffers, Easter gifts can always include Sidewalk Chalk.

2.   Norwex Dish Clothes, Window Cleaner, Scrub Cloth

  • These may not be cheap, but they are great and last and do the job.  This is quality and you don’t need a lot.
  • www.norwex.com
  • Host a party and you may get many of your items without it costing you a small fortune

3.   Tiny Super powerful Magnets

  • These work great if you someone who puts things on the fridge.  If you need a special spot for notes, school papers but don’t want them displayed in your kitchen, try using your washing machine or dryer.  (You probably are there every day if you have a family.)

4.   Drying Rack (for clothes)

  • I always try to spend as little as possible on electric.  Oftentimes I will hang the heavy clothes on the rack out in the sun or near my coal stove for a bit and then fluff them in the dryer when they are 80 percent dry.  In the winter, it can add moisture to the air.
  • When you are inundated with mittens, hats, scarves and soaked socks from the snow, it is easy to use to help dry them out.

5.   Laundry Chute

  • Yes, you can’t go buy one, but if you have the chance to install one, (even though I think they are not permitted by code) do it.  It keeps laundry off floor, bed, chair, etc.  It saves time by not having to walk the clothes down to the laundry room.

These are my top five.  What are yours?