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Giving it my all for society.

I have come to the realization yesterday, or perhaps for a while now, that it is my duty to share what I know about minimalism and simplification.  God has really laid a duty on me to share what he has solidly planted inside of me.  I believe we are all given a gift (several actually) by […]

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Is Your Backache Caused By Fear?

If you take a look at your junk drawer, medicine cabinet, purse, glove compartment or pantry, you will find loads of items that you do not use.  Why is that?  Why are we keeping things we don’t use? Answer:  Just in case we need it. So much of what we store is for a “just-in-case” […]

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Going Paperless

Today I decided that I would try and go paperless.  Now, of course that is virtually impossible.  I have decided that there was just a few acceptable things that I would keep.  Birth certificates, passports, closing papers for my home, divorce papers, title insurance, deed, etc.  These, amazingly, all fit in a manila envelop that […]

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What do minimalists have in common

I think the main reason we are not likely to call ourselves a minimalist is because it is seen as an oddity. So many people have a misunderstanding of what minimalism is.  Minimalists will tell you that there is no real definition.  We all have our own idea of what it is.  There is one […]

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