A minimalist lifestyle: What’s Stopping You?

Every article will have a ‘Minimalist Version’ and an ‘Unedited Version’ for your convenience The Minimalist Version: You’ve read, watched and slightly participated, but failed simplifying.  Time for a Minimalist Coach.  Coaches help conquer fear.  Minimalist Coaches pay for themselves.  Rita Gardner @ Thriving on Simple is a Minimalist Coach.  This is the kick in […]

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Is Your Backache Caused By Fear?

If you take a look at your junk drawer, medicine cabinet, purse, glove compartment or pantry, you will find loads of items that you do not use.  Why is that?  Why are we keeping things we don’t use? Answer:  Just in case we need it. So much of what we store is for a “just-in-case” […]

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What do minimalists have in common

I think the main reason we are not likely to call ourselves a minimalist is because it is seen as an oddity. So many people have a misunderstanding of what minimalism is.  Minimalists will tell you that there is no real definition.  We all have our own idea of what it is.  There is one […]

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It’s is time to start saying “No, thank you.”

It is important that you begin to use this word more often and more deliberately.

Doing so will help you to keep clutter at bay and not fill your life with commitments.

Pretty soon, people will get the picture and you won’t have to say it so often.


Words of Wisdom

  Don’t Trouble Trouble Until Trouble Troubles You For nine months I listened to my friend Kevin agonize over his next income tax return.  He had recently divorced, was paying alimony, child support and there was a house sold.  He had moved to a neighboring state and no longer had property taxes, interest and children to write off.  He […]

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