About Me

I love helping people.


I would consider myself a self-help junkie.  All my life people have gravitated to me to get advice on how to handle… well, just about everything.  I was glad to give it.  So that is what I did for decades.

One day, a few years ago, my world started crashing down all around me.  It was at that point God took over and, although it was hard, he helped me make it through what I hope to be the most difficult part of my life.  Let me tell you what, I learned a lot and it showed.  Everyone who knew what I went through was amazed how I overcame it.

So that is when I decided to get serious about my crusade to help others.  I am well aware of how much pressure is put on women, especially moms, by today’s society and commercialism.  I truly believe that most people don’t even realize that they are already good enough.  My message to everyone is “True happiness requires less than you think.”  We’ve already got everything we need.  The problem is that all the things that make us happy are buried under piles of commitments, toxic habits, and belongings.

Today I live with my three lovely daughters in Northern New Jersey.  Our home is small, but there is plenty of room.  I am now a certified life coach from the Coach Training Alliance.  I have spent hundreds of hours in seminars and training on our mind and habits.  I am very passionate about helping people break free from all that is holding them down and keeping what is lifting them up.