• Is everything spinning

    out of control?

  • Is your home in

    constant disarray?

  • Are you starting to

    resent your family?

  • Is every day a

    bad day?

  • Are you feeling


  • Ready to live the life

    God meant for you?

  • It's time to start

    Thriving on Simple

Why do it on your own when you can practically have FREE help?

Consider this…

When you donate your items to qualified charities, not only are you helping them,

you will also receive a receipt that you may use for write-off purposes on your taxes. 

Depending on your tax bracket and income,

your decluttering sessions can virtually pay for themselves.

Incorporate a Minimalist Coach Today and Get Results

This is your chance to "Pick the Moment". No more waiting for it to fix itself.

3 Hour

3 Hour

When you are at the end of your rope, these three hours will certainly set you in the right direction. Explore and conquer the real sticking points in your life. There is so much that can happen in this short amount of time. $105

6 hour

6 hour

Your mind is made up. It's time to get result. After just six hours, you will be amazed at how far things have come. Get well on your path to living with purpose. Strategizing, implementing long-term goals, techniques and donation coordination also available. $195

24 Hour

24 Hour

You've seen what people can do in 24 hours. Now it is your turn. This is hard core. Transform yourself and never go back. Spread 24 hours out over a month and you will get results like no one has seen in you before: This package include text/phone support + donation coordination + in-home coaching + long-term and short-term goal setting in relationships, finances, commitments and scheduling + strategic solutions + detailed healthy life-styling plan. Be the person that thrives. $795

Closet Clearing

Closet Clearing

Clothing can be a nemesis for many of us. Focusing solely on clothing and your closet will lift an incredible weight off your shoulders and get you to love your closet and clothes. Relieve the burden of deciding what to wear, doing laundry, purchasing new clothes and storing. Hands-on organization + myth busting + strategic goals + donation coordination + removal. $105

Virtual Coaching

Virtual Coaching

Live too far or not ready for a visit? No problem. As the cliché goes, a picture is worth a thousand words and believe me there is a lot we can accomplish with just a few pictures and a phone call. $35/hr

Know someone who needs help living a simple life, free from chaos and overwhelm? 

There is plenty of help to go around, but it is up to you to make the first step.

To learn more about how to receive free sessions, contact me @ thrivingonsimple@gmail.com

When you feel overwhelmed and defeated… listen to this.